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   Your Essential Guide

  1. What Makes PanAmor Handpans Unique?

    • PanAmor Handpans are crafted from Ember steel, known for its long sustain, clear tone, ceramic-like sound, and warmth in tone. This material choice ensures a deep and resonating musical experience, setting our handpans apart.

  2. Why Should I Choose PanAmor Over Other Handpans?

    • PanAmor offers unmatched quality and a tailored experience for every musician. We can make completely custom scales tailored to the requirements of the customer including mutants and bottom notes. Our handpans deliver clear and harmonious tones, at the same time as looking beautiful making them a top choice for those seeking a high quality Handpan.

  3. How Do I Choose the Right Scale for My PanAmor Handpan?

    • Selecting the right scale is essential. For newcomers, scales like Kurd, Celtic, and Annaziska are popular. Dive into handpan videos, listen to different scales, and let your heart decide. Our team is here to guide you through this journey.

  4. How Does PanAmor Customize Handpans?

    • As well as making custom scales and layouts, we take customisation to the next level with unique laser engraving. Add artwork, names, or designs to make your handpan distinctly yours.

  5. Understanding Handpan Pricing: What's the Range for PanAmor Handpans?

    • Handpans are an investment in a lasting musical experience. Our handpans, reflecting top-tier craftsmanship and quality, are priced between £1,400 and £2,500.

  6. Why Should I Be Cautious of buying a Cheap Handpan on Amazon, eBay, etc.?

    • Low-priced handpans on platforms like Amazon or eBay do not offer genuine quality. They are often poorly tuned, very unstable and buyers will struggle to get them retuned. We get a lot of people coming to us with poor quality instruments asking if we can fix them and the cost of doing so combined With the price they originally paid often makes them wish they just bought a good quality one in the first place. PanAmor ensures top-tier craftsmanship, sound quality and a finish like no other, making them a globally trusted choice for handpan enthusiasts.

  7. How Soon Can I Receive My PanAmor Handpan?

    • We prioritize both quality and timely delivery. Typically, our handpans are ready for shipping in less than a month.

  8. Experience PanAmor Handpans in Person: Why It Matters?

    • We invite enthusiasts to our Exeter location. Experience the magic of PanAmor handpans, understand their intricacies, and let their ethereal frequencies guide your choice.

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