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A couple of years ago we got the opportunity to work with none other than the drumming legend that is Danny Carey from the Band Tool.


Hearing percussive and melodic licks in the latest Tool album I realised that the hand pan could very well have a place in their unique style of music. The opportunity arose to create an instrument for him, which he worked closely with us on, and out of that came this phenomenal set of unique mutant pans using the D Mixolydian scale paired up with the F2 Pygmy. Since the first nitrided models were made we have also made him a pair of stainless steel 7empest pans that you can see him with pictured here.


A Direct quote from Danny: “They need to be exposed in every venue and genre!”


Danny Carey is, in our opinion, one of the most talented drummers/percussionists on the plannet and we can’t wait to see what he does with them!


These pans work exetremely well as a set, as the 2 scales together creat an amazing harmony, or individually, to match the style of just about any player! Limited to just a small number of 33 per scale, you really aren't going to see many, if any, like these!


These pans truly are something special! 


These pans offer beautiful crystaline sound with an amazing long sustain. Due to the unique type of stainless steel we use they offer a softer tone allowing for a softer touch while playing, making them friendly to beginners and players with joint problems or arthritis.


All of our stainless steel pans are made using our unique type of stainless steel that is deep drawn in house using the Pan Amor deep drawing system.


Our stainless steel pans are rust resistant and require a low level of handpan care.

7empest D Mixolydian

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