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Our Ember stainless steel pans offer a beautiful crystaline sound with an amazing long sustain. Due to this unique type of stainless steel we use they offer a softer tone allowing for a softer touch while playing, making them friendly to beginners and players with joint problems or arthritis. This sound is particularly desirable to meditative and intuitive players, as well as many others.


The ember material gives the player a sound somewhere in between stainless and nitrided. A long sustain with a warm clear sound.


we are able to offer a full spectrum of subtle colouring on these pans due to the methods used here at PanAmor, giving your pan a truly standout look.


Design information:

Small Design - 15-20cm in diameter on top and co-ordinating porthole design.

Large Design - 20-40cm in diameter on top and co-ordinating porthole design.

Please contact us regarding your design, we have a large range of designs for you to choose from. Or, if you are an artist or have a design of your own, please get in touch and we will do our best to make your pan based on your vision.


If you want to build an F2, or similar low pan, please contact us to discuss options.

Build a Stainless Steel Pan

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