IrideSense Colourshift.

These are treated with a durable hotcoat and means we can achieve some incredible colourshift finishes!

Sound model: E-Celtic (E minor) Notes: E) B D E F# G A B D

Sound characteristics: Bright, Clear and very sustained whilst being well isolated for faster playing.

Appearance: Purple/Red/Orange Iridescent Colourshift.

Material: British DC04 1.2mm Hydroformed shells produced in house.

Treatment: completely sealed with a hotcoat and so completely protected against rust.

Minimal maintenance required.

£1200 (Basic soft case included.)

£50 UK Postage

£60 Mainland Europe

£170 USA/Canada

PAYMENT FOR POSTAGE IS TO BE MADE SEPARATELY TO THIS ORDER. We will contact you directly about this.

E-Celtic Minor


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