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F2 Deep Voyager 12

Our stainless steel pans offer a beautiful crystaline sound with an amazing long sustain. Due to the unique type of stainless steel we use they offer a softer tone allowing for a softer touch while playing, making them friendly to beginners and players with joint problems or arthritis. This sound is particularly desirable to meditative and intuitive players, as well as many others.


All of our stainless steel pans are made using our unique type of stainless steel that is deep drawn in house using the Pan Amor deep drawing system.


Due to the unique materials and processes used we are able to offer a full spectrum of subtle colouring on these pans due to the unique material and methods used, giving your pan a truly standout look.


Our stainless steel pans are rust resistant and require a low level of handpan care.


When all of this is put together you get more than just a pan that offers fantastic sound, looks and feel, you get a work of art!


In order to hear the low frequencies it is highly recommended to listen on headphones or high quality speakers. F2 Deep Voyager 12 F2/ (C3 F3) Ab C Eb F G Ab C Eb F Material: 1mm stainless 53.5cm 

F2 Deep Voyager 12

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