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Introducing our F2 Low Pygmy Handpan – a prime example of PanAmor craftsmanship and sonic beauty. This low frequency model, crafted from ember stainless steel, offers a deep and pure sound, perfect for those long meditative journeys.

Its stunning mandala engraving adds an artistic touch, making it a visual delight as well!

With 11 meticulously tuned notes, including 2 resonant bottom ding notes, this handpan is well suited to all players.

F2, (C3, Eb3), F3, G3, Ab3, C4, Eb4, F4, G4, and Ab4.

The inclusion of a port plug ensures Helmholtz control, enhancing the resonant qualities of the low F2 ding. Elevate your musical journey with the rich tones and beautiful design of the F2 Low Pygmy Handpan.

*Instruments are made to order, please allow up to 14 days for the instrument to be built and shipped.

F2 Low Pygmy 11 (ember)

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