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Nitrided instruments have been discontinued. We now focus solely on high quality stainless steel’s (including Ember).

Our nitrided pans offer a lovely warm sound with a hugely complimenting medium sustain. This makes it particularly good for faster playing and players of a percussive nature, as well as those wanting to increase their range of playing styles. They offer a fantastic ceramic sound across a range of scales and notes.


All of our nitrided pans are heat treaed, offering rust protection, and deep drawn in house using the Pan Amor deep drawing system.


They have a full colour range and a phenomenal appearance with the colors and contrasts that are on show.


Combine all of this together and you have a pan that really stands out both for it's sound and it's looks!


This model has the trademark Pan Amor coluring and swirl effect which really stands out and highlights the blue's and gold's that our customers have come to expect from our instruments.


Number of notes: 8 + 1

Basic Model

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