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Nitrided instruments have been discontinued. We now focus solely on building with high quality stainless materials (including Ember).

Our nitrided pans offer a lovely warm sound with a hugely complimenting medium sustain. This makes it particularly good for faster playing and players of a percussive nature, as well as those wanting to increase their range of playing styles. They offer a fantastic ceramic sound across a range of scales and notes.


All of our nitrided pans are heat treaed, offering rust protection, and deep drawn in house using the Pan Amor deep drawing system.


They have a full colour range and a phenomenal appearance with the colors and contrasts that are on show.


Combine all of this together and you have a pan that really stands out both for it's sound and it's looks!


This model has the trademark Pan Amor colouring and a stunning large design on the top and neat design on the bottom which work really well to create a wonderfully detailed but calming pan.


Number of notes: 9 + 1


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