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By purchasing through our wait list you can choose one of the scales we offer along with selecting various options to customise the look of your Sound Sculpture. Please be aware that with it being a wait list and each instrument being made to order, in most cases you will have to wait for your sound sculpture to arrive. We will let you know the estimated time frame once you have joined our wait list. Once you have joined our wait list we will contact you to discuss what scale and design you would like for your sound sculpture, we will also discuss shipping and confirm the over all price. An invoice will then be drawn up and once you have paid either a deposit or the full balance your order will be processed and the birth of your beautiful and unique sound sculpture will begin. You can see what scales and designs we offer by seeing the scales here and by seeing our designs here.
You can join our wait list by filling in the form below

Recieve Our Wait List Information Pack

Fill in the form below to find out more information on how to join our waitlist. Please fill in all the details correctly and check your "spam" folders to be sure to recieve our Waitlist information email.

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