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Beautiful Design Without Compromising Quality In Sound

It's been a long time since we have updated our news section here at PanAmor HQ! and we have very good reason...

The last year has been incredibly busy for us and we have had our heads deeply buried in handpan building always finding ways to level up our work and keep bettering the quality of our instruments. Outside of PanAmor there has been very little time for anything else.

Now we meet again, a year later and we can honestly say the hard work has paid off and we are incredibly happy with what we are producing, all though we still always strive to improve and experiment with new ideas.

We have some very exciting tricks up our sleeves and ideas brewing in the pot which you will hear about as we release them. For now keep checking back here or subscribe to our newsletter as we will be updating on here a lot more regularly now.

But for now I wanted to touch upon a question we come across from time to time, or some times you can even call it an assumption. And that is "Do you compromise the quality and sound of your instruments for the aesthetics?"

Firstly, I can understand why some might make this assumption as sadly in our society it happens more and more where quality is compromised and people are tricked with beautiful aesthetics of a product, we can see why some would have a concern over this, especially when it comes to buying some thing as precious and special as a handpan! The last thing you want is to be tricked. We are after all living in times where you can easily be fooled to by a turd rolled in gliiter ;)

But this is where we can really take a happy breath of relief for you all and absolutely assure you this is not how we work, not what we strive for, and not what we work incredibly hard for day in and day out.

Every handpan you see made by us has had hours and hours, days and days of work put into it. While I (Marcia) do the artwork and spend at least a good few days on each design, Daryl spends endless days on each pan and will never let a pan leave the workshop unless he is completely happy with it. I have seen him start from scratch over and over just because his OCD over the quality of a pan is more prominent than any existing problem with the instrument.

This is where we can really hold our head up high and assure you with great confidence that just because we are able to, as a team - put in the time and effort we do into the look and designs of our pans doesn't mean that at any point is the quality of our instruments compromised. Never!

This is what we love about what we do, and we will never stop experimenting and coming up with new creative ways to bring you not only top quality instruments but truly unique ones too.

We've been experimenting with designs on our pans since we first started making them back in 2016, it's our niche and we love the process.

So, rest assured the quality is never compromised. You really can enjoy our instruments not only for amazing quality and sound, but also as a real piece of art too. Try one for yourself and you will see (not to be cocky, but honestly Daryls work is absolutely incredible). Checkout our customer reviews and if you have any queries or concerns we are always happy to talk to you.

We hope everyones enjoying Spring and don't forget to check out our events page to see where you can find us this year and what we have going on.

Take Care

Marcia (PanAmor Sound Sculptures)

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